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Accept payments in your online-store


If you have something that needs to be sold via your website. You can chose eWallet payment system to accept payments in your online store.


In order to get it working you need to do several simple steps:


1. Log into your account as a Business-Client.


2. From the left menu pick "Profile Settings" and fill the form.


3. Do the technical integration.


4. In the upper menu read "Documents" section, and sign the agreement.


You can already receive payments, but you will be able to withdraw funds only after signing the agreement..


Three types of integrating eWallet payment system:


1. Simple Integration - Post the html-code on your website and you are ready to accept payments to your eWallet wallet. Simple Integration Description.


2. Full Integration -  You can fully integrate Merchant Gateway into your website, just fulfilling several simple steps that will take a few minutes and a basic HTML knowledge. Merchant Gateway - is a webpage that corresponds to safety standards (128 bit SSL), it does not require CGI or ASP scripts on your website. Full Integration DescriptionОписание полной интеграции.


3. Integration using API - lets you integrate payment system to your website, your customers will not leave your website while making purchases. API instructions.



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