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Frequently asked questions 


How much does it cost to register with the system?


 To register with eWallet payment system, all you have to do is to specify your phone number, registration is absolutely free of charge.


Is there any subscription fee to use e-wallet?


There's no subscription fee for e-wallet usage, you should only pay a fee when making transfers. The current fees rates can be found in the “Fees” section.


I have not receive a text messagem waht should I do?


We can not guarantee an instant text messages delivery by the mobile operator. The estimated text message delivery time is between 5 seconds and 1 minute, if within this period of time the text message does not come, please try to log in 15-20 minutes, or contact our customer support team.


How secure the eWallet payment system is?


All settlement transactions within the eWallet payment system are made with SSL-encryption (key length – 128 bit). Resistance to connection failures is provided at the system level. The system database system does not have direct access to the Internet, and the servers are under the physical security and video surveillance 24 hours a day. Another guarantee of security is a dynamic password that a user receives on their phone to authorize each withdrawal transaction; it ensures the security of passwords.


How can I add money to my e-wallet?


E-wallet cash-in is very simple. Please proceed to the “Fund your wallet” section and select the most convenient method of replenishment; then you will get payment details and detailed instruction. After the payment, the money will be credited to your wallet according to the terms.


I want to transfer money to another user, is it possible?


Off course, it's possible. To send money, you should go to “Other user” section and specify the recipidnts phone number, even the person you want to send money to, has no eWallet e-wallet yet. After sending the money this person will receive a text notification to their cell phone, and he or she can use the money after loggin in to website



Can the user who paid for goods or services via eWallet, withdraw their payment unilaterally?


No. Irrevocability of payments is one of sufficient advantages of eWallet payment system. Refund is possible only in exceptional cases – when the store fails to fulfill their obligations or on request of law enforcement authorities. All disputes are resolved with the concerned parties on an individual basis upon presentation of relevant documents.


Are there any limitations for money transfers?


For individuals, the amount of electronic money in their wallet should not exceed UAH 8000. For legal entities, there are no restrictions on the amount. The minimum transfer amount is UAH 0.39.


If I do not use my wallet, will it be removed?


Your wallet is not removed from the system under any circumstances, and you can use it at any time.




If you have not found an answer to your question please feel free to contact Customer Support service, our experts will be glad to assist you.